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What is Crewexpert.com all about ?
It has been designed to offer Travel Industry Discounts for qualifying Airport Staff and Travel Industry Employees, past and present. Aircrew Only area to help all aircrew plan their time and activities, on Lay-overs, Down Route and away from home.
How can it help me?
By using the Icons provided, qualifying members are able to select an icon to look at a destination in detail and plan their packing needs based on the weather, look for events, restaurants, shopping etc. Selecting Travel Industry discount sites enables huge savings on Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Car Rental and more. Air crew using the 'Aircrew Only' icon will need to register before using the additional features such as the Calendar, Crew Near Me, Contact Crew. These facilities enables aircrew members to contact each other to arrange and plan an activity once there. Many Icons provided on the Home page are useful links to other websites or provide information. There is an additional feature to enable you to add your own links to favourite web sites and these will then appear as Icons on the Home page in the Custom Links section.
Do I qualify for Travel Industry Discounts?
Most icons/buttons provided by Crewexpert.com will link to various sites who will have their own qualifying criteria. Some sites are dedicated for aircrew only but many others do offer discounts for other airport staff members. If more clarification is required then you must contact the company directly before booking a product. Remember that proof of your position/employment or an ID May be required upon arrival. Crewexpert cannot be held responsible for any mismanagement on your part.
Adding a Destination review?
If you have found somewhere to eat, drink or an activity that you would like to share with the rest of your colleagues, simply press the ‘Add Review’ button on the top bar or ‘Add a Destination Review’ on the Destination page and follow the prompts. A short Title is required, followed by the Region and Destination. If you do not know the 3 letter code for the airport then we at Admin will fill in the missing detail. We have provided an address bar, this usually communicates with Google maps but not always. You have the option to drag the marker pin if you do not know the address. This will help other crew find the location of your review. Finally use the Summary to describe your recommendation. (If the destination is not recognised you will be prompted with 'No matches found - Add destination' See FAQ Add Destination )
Is this a new site? Where are all the destination reviews?
This is a very new site and it is up to you the user to post your destination reviews for your colleague's benefit
How does the Calendar work?
Aircrew Only - There are a couple of ways to populate and build your Calendar with your Night Stop destination. Using Calendar option, place the cursor to highlight a day on the Calendar then click on the + sign when it appears. Enter the 3 letter code, Destination or City name for your rostered/ scheduled night stop, and the duration of your stay. This can be used for all short haul and long haul aircrews, but remember to only enter your night stop destination and not your full roster detail. The other method is to use the 'Add Night Stop' tab on the top line, this uses the same format. In addition to Destination codes or names, you can enter GT (ground training/school,) SIM (simulator), LEAVE or OFF. Once the detail has been entered successfully, you are able to view your Night Stop destination at a glance either by opening up the Calendar or by holding the cursor over the Calendar tab on the top line. A feature of this is if you now click a destination as shown it will reveal other operating aircrew from your own airline and others stopping at that destination on that particular night. Depending upon your preferences in the profile page, your name will be displayed in the Calendar to others night stopping at the same destination. If you do not wish to be visible then change you settings in My profile - Edit profile - Calendar Visibility - Display name in Calendar to other crew members. There is a contact facility to email other crew members at your destination, again this is dependent upon your preferences.
Crew Near Me is not working?
Aircrew Only. - Crew Near Me is a new feature and is fully functional but requires your colleagues to participate and add their own night stop destination in Add Night Stop. Once numbers are sufficient then you should start to see other crew members who are stopping at your Night stop provided you have done the same
How do I use Crew Near Me?
Aircrew Only. - Enter your Night stop information into either 'Add Night Stop' or 'Calendar' and your name will be displayed in 'Crew Near Me' subject to your profile settings
How do I contact someone who is at the same destination?
Aircrew Only - Use 'Crew Near Me' and click on your Night stop Destination. This then displays Crew members in the same destination on the same date provided they have entered their own Destination detail. You can contact a crew member individually or contact all by selecting all members. There is a Search Crew facility available on the Home page, but you can only gain access to members from your own airline and then only dependent upon their own visibility settings.
Why is no-one listed in Crew Near Me?
Aircrew Only - If no-one is listed under your destination when you click it open, it is because they haven't entered their roster / schedule into either 'Add Night Stop' or 'Calendar' If they have not entered the Night stop information then they cannot be listed in Crew Near Me.
How do I remove a Destination from the Calendar if I have a change of duty?
Aircrew Only - Enter the Calendar and place the cursor over the Destination in question, and once the detailed box is displayed you will be given the opportunity to remove or edit it.
I don’t want to be contacted?
Aircrew Only - Go to your profile page and simply change your preferences.
Searching for a crew member?
Aircrew Only - Use the Search button on the Home page just as you would use a telephone directory. You can only search for crew members from your own airline and only then if their visibility settings allow it.
Can I contact a crew member from a different airline?
Aircrew Only - You are able to view other airline crew members names in Crew Near Me when you click on your destination. If you are staying at the same location on the same date and their visibility setting allows it, then you will be able contact a crew member from a different airline via email and again, provided their profile visibility setting allows it. Click on the name and follow the prompts.
Add New Link?
If you have a favourite web site that you like to visit on a regular basis then you can easily add it to your Home screen by using the 'Add New Link' facility just as you would if adding a Bookmark. The New Link will be presented as an Icon, similar to the others on the Home page, and will sit underneath the Custom Links banner. If you know the web address enter it into url* or search for your preferred website by using the Google search bar provided on the Home page of Crewexpert. Once the search results are displayed ‘copy’ the address for the site you want (right click and 'copy'). Open 'Add New Link' and ‘paste’( right click and 'paste') the copied address into the ‘url*’ field provided. (A web address or url usually looks like this example; www.google.com/) Choose a 'Title’ for your Link and place into the Title* box provided. You then have various options for an icon/picture to be displayed as a new button on your Home page. The best method is to Browse for a picture or image in your 'Pictures' library as this gives the best quality. Once a picture, image or suitable logo is found, click save. Your new Link now appears on the Home page as an Icon in the Custom Links section and will immediately link you to your chosen web site. See FAQ's 'Add New Link - How to save an Image' and - 'Add New Link - How to Browse' for an explanation to selecting pictures or images.
Add New Link - How to save an Image for my web link?
Use the Google search bar provided on the Crewexpert Home page and click the image logo just underneath the bar and enter the name of web site, establishment or item you are looking for. eg. 'Macys'. Press search. Choose an image, (if the images are not suitable then add 'logo' after the name eg. 'Macys logo'). The Image should not be too large as it won't display properly as an icon. Right click the image and then select the 'Save image as...' option. A box will appear and let you save in many places. Choose Pictures (its usually found in Documents or Library if you're having trouble finding it). If you plan on saving many images then consider creating a new folder in the picture file and call it Crewexpert. Place all your images in the Crewexpert folder for safe keeping and easy access.
Add New Link - How to Browse
Select the Browse button and a box will display. Look for the Pictures folder (it may be hiding in Documents or Library). Open Pictures and select a saved image, Logo or photo, either double click the image or press the 'open' button. The image now transfers to the 'Add New Links' box. Remember to make sure the little button beside Browse has been ticked. Press save and wait for your Home page to refresh and repopulate. You should have your nice new image and link available for use. Consider creating a new folder in your Picture file and call it Crewexpert for easy access to your images when browsing. See FAQ's - Add New Links - How to save an Image
How do I remove a link or Icon from the Home page?
You can only remove Links or Icon’s from the Custom Links section. Simply press the X next to the Icon.
Bargain Basement - How do I add a Bargain?
If you have found a Bargain on your travels and would like to share this with the rest of your colleagues, simply press the ‘Add Review’ button on the top bar or the 'Add Destination Review' on the Destination page. A short Title is required, such as Cameras, Handbags, Watches etc. followed by the Destination name and use the Summary and review to describe your recommendation. Remember it can be helpful to also include an address or street name in the address bar provided and this will display on the map. A movable marker pin can be used to highlight the location if the map does not recognise the address you provided. You can also add a Bargain by visiting the the Bargain Basement button on the Home page and follow prompts.
Bargain Basement - How do I search for a Bargain?
Entering a short Title such as Watches, Hand bags, Cameras etc into the search bar will display the item at various destinations if it has already been entered into Bargain Basements. Alternatively, if entering a destination into the search bar, it will display various bargains found at that destination.
How do I use Hyper link if adding a review?
If you want to leave a 'Link' to a website in your review then click on the world image with a chain and enter the details in the pop up box. Remember to leave http:// in front of any www.address.com eg. http://www.address.com or you can cut and paste the full address of your review website from the top line.
My Hyperlink has not worked
See the above question; 'How do I use Hyper link if adding a review?' it will be because http:// needs to precede every address
How does Swap work?
Aircrew Only - The Swap message board is designed for aircrew that are able to Swap their trips and annual leave with other colleagues. Click on the icon which represents your work title, you have two choices, either a Trip or Leave request. Next click on your aircraft type or the aircraft base, You are now directed to the Swap message board where you can view Swap requests. Contact the author of a Swap request by clicking on their name and either send an email or leave a comment by clicking on the Title of the request and filling out the comment with your offer. Post it! Check for activity on your Swap flag, above the top bar on the Home page. To Request a Swap, Find your work title and then aircraft type and base, press Request Swap and enter the detail as required. Remember to visit your request often to see if an offer has been left in the comment field, check your email or check your Swap flag, above the top bar on the Home page.
Adding a Destination
If your night stop Destination is not featured then there is a facility to 'Add a Destination' once the Region page has been opened or if you have been prompted to 'Add a Destination' in Calendar or 'Add Review', then just follow the instructions. The 3 letter code is not necessary, we in Administration will add any missing detail.
How does ‘Map it’ work?
Click on the ‘Map it’ icon and it will open into Goole maps and show your night stop city. If you are looking for the location of an establishment mentioned in a Destination Review and an address or street name was supplied within the summary, simply copy and paste the address into the address bar within ‘Map it’.
How do I request a Swap?
Aircrew Only - To request a Swap, Find your work title and then aircraft type and base, press Request Swap and enter the detail as required. Remember to visit your request often to see if an offer has been left in the comment field, your email or check the Swap flag, above the top bar on the Home page for activity.
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